Skrivet av: boatpastor | maj 19, 2011

When life hurts.

When life hurts.

When life hurts and you feel small in yourself, when the tears burn your cheeks, when the tunnel seems dark, when you are scared.

The thing you go through has happened to you before and tries to occupy your mind and create fear, you remember so well how it was.

Now I have ended up there in a tunnel where I am afraid, struggle with my prayer, cry, feel my own littleness.

In this tunnel I seek God, I cry out to God in my prayers, I trust in my God. 

He has never failed me before and will not do it now either.

What is a human life?

A life that we have received as a gift from God, the days that comes and the days that goes.

The challenge is to manage our lifes right, every second fraction of it.

I have put my life in God’s hands and whatever happens today, I will always live for Jesus and God.

Today is a special day in my life.

I do not know the happenings before later today.

I ask you to stand with me in prayer friends.

I thank you for it!

My prayer this morning:

”Thy will be done in my life and no matter what happens today, I will always love you and serve you until the last breath Jesus, for you are life itself to me. ” Amen

”Our life is a gift from God, what we do with our lives is our gift to God. ”

Let us manage our lifes(lives) well.

Warm hugs to you all.


I met God in the sunrise today and I feel that he is helping me now. Ruth



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