Skrivet av: boatpastor | maj 27, 2011

Thank you David Condra!

Thank you my Facebookfriend David Condra for your beautiful words to me. Here is what you wrote to me today:

Sweetest One,
Your FaceBook Profile Page Photo is more beautiful,more elegant,more valuable to me than a reknown,treasured,priceless Picasso.It should be mounted on a wall in The Louvre,for all admirers to see.You are beauty,you are elegance,you are charm,you are femininity,you are love.
Lovingly,gratefully,and sincerely yours,

David, I cant find words to thank you. Never ever in my life has nobody written something so prescious and beautiful about me.

I feel thankful and honoured, you have made my day and the rest of my life, Thank you my ”angelfriend”.

David, you are too good to be true<3

Here is my Facebook profile page photo.


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